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MADD Canada is a national, charitable organization that is committed to stopping impaired driving and supporting the victims of this violent crime. With volunteer-driven groups in more than 100 communities across Canada, MADD Canada aims to offer support services to victims, heighten awareness of the dangers of impaired driving, and save lives and prevent injuries on our roads.

Our Impact

Direct emotional support services and a wide range of resources for individuals who have lost a loved one or suffered a serious injury as a result of an impaired-driving crash.

Campaigns to reach out to the public about the dangers of impaired driving, the tragic toll it takes on individuals and families, and how they can help improve safety on our roads, waterways and trails.

Specialized programming for students from elementary to high school, educating them about the dangers of mixing alcohol and/or drugs with driving and giving them with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves.

Research, analysis and promotion of legislative best practices in impaired driving countermeasures, at both the federal and provincial/territorial levels, to strengthen Canada’s impaired driving laws.

Supporting and promoting advanced in-car technologies that can prevent impaired driving.

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