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Impaired driving continues to be a serious issue in Canada. According to MADD Canada’s most recent report on impaired driving charges and suspensions:

Why Your Support Matters


Sensor, driver monitoring systems and vehicle monitoring systems that can detect driver intoxication while preventing the vehicle from moving or bringing it to a safe stop exists or is being developed. Your support will help ensure it is applied in every car.

Public Policy

The United States recently passed legislation requiring all new cars and trucks to have impaired driving prevention technology by 2027. Experts estimate it will save about 9,000 lives in the US every year. The same legislation in Canada can help protect you and your loved ones from the harm caused from impaired driving.


Impaired driving continues to be a serious problem on Canadian roads and highways. In-car technology has the potential to prevent 80% of alcohol-impaired driving.

Your support can change that.

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